Enter Train Number and Date of Journey to get Live Train Running Status!

So, you’ve booked your train and you want to know when your train is going to reach your station? In that case, you are on the Right Website. So, if you don’t know what Live train status or Train running Status means, Here we go.

What is Live Train status?

When you book your ticket, You might be wondering about the Current status of train so that you can know if your train is going to be late or early on the station from which you have to board the train. What if your train is going to be 200 minutes late on your station? It will be waste of time to sit there and wait for train to arrive.

In that case, you can check live train running Status to know the running status of train! Not only the station at which your train is currently arrived or departed, You can also check if the train is Late or early for any station in the train route.

In Short, Live train running status means Every information you need to know about the train in which your Next Journey is going to Happen. Now, Let us tell you how you can check Live train Status for your train.

How to check live train status?

It’s Very easy to check train live status in case you have Your train ticket with you. No matter if you have Physical Ticket or It’s online booking, you just need the Number of train and Date of the journey.

First of all, Scroll up and you will find a simple form with one field and two drop down menus. Here is the info you have to enter in that form.

   1. Trian Number Here: Here you have to Enter the number of your train. You will find Train number on the top middle part of your ticket in case you have a physical ticket with you. Example: 12376.
   2. Day: Day of the Month of your Journey. You can select any from 1-31.
   3. Month: Select the Month of your Journey. Example, June.
Once done, Click on the GET LIVE TRAIN STATUS Button and you will get Results in the Following format.

It is not Difficult to Understand the running status of train. Still, Let us make it easier for you.

Understanding The Live Train Status.

As a Result, you will get the following Information.

Why is it Important to check Train Running Status?

India has one of the biggest Railway Network and more than 12,000 Passenger Trains Transport Millions of People on Daily Basis. Sometimes Some Trains reach Late or Early on Specific Station.

You can check If Your Train is on time or Late or Early on the station from which you have to board the train. In case if the train is late, you don't have to waste your valuable time on the station waiting for the train.

Also, You can know how much late you are going to be at the destination because Our Tool will show you Complete Train Schedule for the day with Status!

So, This is how your Train Running Status Live will be Presented when you Enter Train Number and Date of Journey.

About this Website in Brief!

This website was created to Provide Live Train Status efficiently because we saw that some websites do not work or show incorrect information. We are here for Rescue; We are giving our best and working hard to provide you the Most Accurate Live Train Running Status. We only provide information about indian train running status.

It is very Easy to check Train status on this website. You just have to Enter the Train Number and Date of Journey, What you will see next will be the results that you can Trust!

Not only the Live Train Status but you can check Schedule of any Passenger Train, List of Cancelled Trains and Informative Tutorials on Our blog.

If you want to know more or if you have Any Questions related to Live Train Status Tool, You can Contact us, and we will Solve your Queries as soon as possible. Happy Journey!