7 best honeymoon destination in India

People often fail to see the beauty India has to offer. No, I am not talking about Jammu and Kashmir or Srinagar but some really offbeat places for a honeymoon that are more romantic and full of adventure and exploring and also inside your budget. So why not exploring India and then going out for a world tour. Here is the list of 7 amazingly cool places that you can go for your honeymoon just like the way you see in Hollywood and Bollywood movies.



Known for the most beautiful beaches and the natural beauty, Alleppey takes the first place in our list of honeymoon destinations in India. You can have experience of house boats, lagoons, beaches, lakesides and palm fringed canals, all together at one place. You can take a flight to Cochin International Airport and then take a train to Alleppey Railway station. The package starts from INR 8000 for a honeymoon. There are many hotels and resorts and the best time to is between September to March.



Best known for its Lighthouse beaches, Ayurveda, Seafood, surfing, and shopping, it takes number 2 on our list. One of the most romantic places in India. However, it may happen that you may not want to come back from there ever! You can reach there by taking a flight to Trivandrum International Airport and take a train to Kovalam. Packages start from INR 9,500 and many hotels and resorts will best accommodation and facilities are there. Best time to go is from September to March.



Also known as Scotland of India, this can be experienced as one of the most amazing honey moon destination in India. You can have fun doing trekking, exploring historical places, watching waterfalls, landscapes wildlife, hiking and bird watching. Now that definitely peaked up your interest, right? Package starts at INR 10,000 and the best time to visit Coorg is October to March and January to May. You can reach there by taking a domestic flight to Mangalore and the nearest station happens to be in Mysore, 95 KMs away.



Seems familiar? Also known as mini Paris of India, you can visit Age old French Colony, Yoga and wellness, beaches and everything else. Honeymoon package starts from INR 10,000, and the best time period falls in the month of October to March. But it will be best if you’ll book your tickets before because it is one of the most popular destinations in India and for foreigners. You can reach to Chennai by flight and take a train from Villupuram that is 35 KMs away.



Situated in the east, this town has its own colonial-era charm to dazzle you and make you fall in love even more. You can go for trekking, watch pine trees, nightlife, local culture, art, and shopping. Honeymoon package starts from INR 8000 and you can visit all throughout the year. You can reach to Guwahati to reach Shillong.



If you want to go to a place that is secluded and filled with peace and silence, Haflong is your answer. You can experience local culture, rare birds watching, flora and fauna with hills and rivers and some awesome local cuisine. You can visit them all year throughout and the package starts from, INR 10,000. You can reach there by flight to Silchar, Kumbhigram Airport and New Haflong Is the nearest Station.



Last but not the least in our list is Kumarakom. A beautiful village situated next to a river makes a great destination for newlyweds for a romantic Honeymoon. Package starts from INR 7000 and you can reach there by flight to Cochin Airport and then take a train to the nearest station that is Kottayam Railway station.

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