How to Order Food For Train Journey Online

While Travelling Long, You have to fill your stomach in Train itself! If you are lucky, Your train will stop for 10-15 Minutes on the station where you can find Proper Food. Most of the time, In that case too, You will only find Fast Food! And you don’t want to be dependent on Fast Food in Long Journey!

Yes, You will get Food in Train Itself, But, According to Our Experience, You Will not get more than Roti-sabzi-Daal-Chawal and that too, not so good quality (They make food in Very Hot Temperature and very Hard conditions inside the train, Salute for that!).

Without wasting more time and tips, let’s get into the real Content! The first thing you have to do is to Open IRCTC e-Catering Website. After Opening the website, you will see one form with one field just like the following image.

ecatering website

Here, You have to enter the station on which you want to have your food, Enter Your PNR or Enter the Train Number to know the train schedule so that they can Provide you the list of the vendors that are available for this train!

Note that e-catering is not available for so many trains and in that case, you will get the error from the e-catering website. The list of Available vendors will look just like the following image.

ecatering vendors

You can select the station on which you want to have your meal. For the Selected Station, you will get the list of Vendors available. You have to choose the one you like.

Once selected, you can then select the food you want and Place the order and checkout! You will get list fo dishes available from that vendor! Once you checkout, you will get your meal on the train from the selected vendor and that’s how you can order your favorite food in Indian Railways!

There are many providers and many trains unavailable in the official e-catering website; You can go for Other Websites That are listed here.

  1. – It also offers Jain Food and Diabetic Food.
  2. – It’s straightforward to Order food from this site. You can download their Android app if you are a regular traveler!

So, This is how you can Order Your Train Food online! It’s always Recommended! Let us know about your Experiences in the Comment section and also don’t forget to comment down your questions or queries, We are Happy to help!