Facts and Figures about Indian Railways You didn’t know!

Indian Railways is Huge! It has Great History and Some facts you never knew! Here in this article, we are going to discuss some Facts and figures about Indian Railways you never knew!

Without wasting more time, Let’s dive into Real Content!

  1. The Powerhouse of the train is known as Locomotive and the Fact is, Loco-pilot are paid more than Average Software Engineers! Average Salary of Loco-pilot is More than Rs100,000 per month!
  2. irctc.co.in handles around 12 lakh hits per Minute! Don’t be angry If you get an error while opening the website, Just Hit the Reload Button, and you are ready to go!
  3. Indian Trains got Toilets on Board after 50 Years! Yeah, Be Grateful for not traveling for long in first 50 years of Indian Railways.
  4. The Longest Train Crosses a distance of 4273KM. It is called Vivek Express.
  5. On Daily Basis, More than 12,000 Passenger Trains Transport Humans from one place to another!
  6. Total Distance traveled by Indian Railways Trains In a Year is 1.1Billion KiloMeters.
  7. Average Distance Covered by Each Locomotive (Train engine) is about 559KM.
  8. At Any given time, 5% of Indian Population is in Train Travelling!
  9. Indian Railways employs 13,07,000 people or 1 out every 1000 people in India.
  10. Total Revenue of Indian Railways is about $20 Billion.
  11. Indian Railways is Largest Rail Network in Asia and Second Largest Railway Network in Whole World.
  12. The Fairy Queen Train Working Between Delhi and Rajasthan is the Oldest Steam Locomotive in The action in the whole world!
  13. The Railway Station of Navapur built between two States. Half of the Station is in Maharashtra and Another half is in Gujarat! Interesting!
  14. Samjhuata Express is a Train that runs between India and Pakistan. It is Also known as Friendship Express.
  15. 42 Railway Companies Operated in India Before Independence.
  16. The Mascot of Indian Railway is Bholu – The Guard Elephant.
  17. There are more than 7,500 Railway Stations in Whole Country.
  18. Mobile app system to track train schedules has been introduced by Indian Railways in 2014.

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