Enter Train Number to get Train Schedule, Simple!

How to know Exact Schedule of the Train?

It is very easy to know the Schedule of the Train. In the Above given form, Just enter the Train number and click on the submit button. If the train Exists, you will get to know the Train schedule or you will get message Accordingly!

If you don't know where you can find your train number, See the top middle part of your train ticket. There you will find the train Number! It's 5-digit Number in case you've booked your ticket online!

How will Train Schedule be Presented to You?

You will get to know the Name of the train, Working days of the train (From Sunday to Saturday), You will also get the schedule of the train as Table in which you will find the Stations from which train is going to pass including Scheduled Arrival time, Scheduled Departure time, Distance, Day and much more!

For Example, you can Consider the following Image as Results! Because that is how Train Schedule will be presented to you. It is very easy to understand even if you are checking it for the first time!

Train Schedule Example

So, this is how you will get the Exact schedule of the train in which you are going to travel! In case, If you are facing some Problem while checking Train schedule, You can Contact us and we will solve your queries as soon as possible!